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A uniquely tailored approach to growing your family..

Whether you just began thinking about starting a family or have experienced infertility, acupuncture can guide and support you in your path to parenthood. By taking time to prepare and nature your body, mind and spirit for pregnancy you create a welcoming space where your baby can thrive and grow.

With years of education and clinical experience in the field of women’s health and reproductive medicine, Andrea can support you in growing your family. She will use a holistic whole medicine approach to uncover the root cause of health concerns and physical imbalances while providing emotional support during challenging times.

Conscious conception goes beyond the physical, focusing on several simple but effective concepts of happiness, health, and harmony. This can be applied to any conception journey- from a committed couple planning a natural pregnancy, to a single woman using an egg donor, from same sex couples using ART therapies to those who have chosen surrogacy or adoption as their road to parenthood.

Treatments are catered to your individual journey including acupuncture, herbs, supplements, emotional support, suggested testing, lifestyle modifications and movement therapy. Chinese medicine is extremely effective in improving fertility rates and successful births.



Regulate Cyycles

Teens/ adolescents






Pre conception

Unexplained Infertility

Recurrent pregnancy loss

Male fertility


 Treatment plan


Birth Support

Post Partum

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